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I am a sixth year PhD student at Georgia Tech. I am interested in algebraic combinatorics and combinatorial algebraic geometry. Right now I am studying how to factor polynomials over hyperfields with an aim of developing a theory of intersection multiplicities. Previous to that, I studied divisor theory on abstract tropical curves with application to faithful tropicalization.

My advisor is Matt Baker.

I received my BMath from the University of Waterloo with majors in Pure Mathematics and Combinatorics & Optimization.

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High School Math Day – April 22

Together with Wade Bloomquist and Evelyne Smith-Roberge, we are reshaping the old High School Math Competition to appeal to a broader audience. The new event will feature:

Registration and info at Also see our promotional flier.

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Tropical Geometry

For a quick explanation of tropical geometry, Madeline Brandt has an 8 minute video explanation on YouTube. For a longer, but still quite approachable, introduction to tropical geometry, I recommend this survey article by Ralph Morrison. For higher level general treatments of the subject, here are some books:


For learning about hyperfields and multiplicities for polynomials over hyperfields, the original article Descartes' rule of signs, Newton polygons, and polynomials over hyperfields by my advisor, Matt Baker, and Oliver Lorscheid should be accessible to anyone with some familiarity with abstract algebra and mathematical maturity.

Ordered Blueprints

Oliver Lorscheid naturally has several papers describing ordered blueprints. For a starting point, I recommend looking at his lecture notes. I strongly suggest having good familiarity with commutative algebra and some category theory for these.

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